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SaintSolution was born from the idea of creating a content formatting agent that was relevant on the networks, in order to create engagement and organic circulation of personal or business projects. Here, we discuss data technology to enable your content to perform better in the digital world, with financial, institutional and social benefits.

Who am I?

Francisco Mauro, known in the digital art market as Chico Mauro, always focused on graphic solutions, I started my professional career creating murals and arts for decorative panels in painted or engraved glass, learning the art of lithography, posterization and simplification of visual codes and indicative arts. Illustrating magazine covers, books and records, I formed my background in graphic arts in general. Creating products and designing packaging and objects gave me the consistency I needed to enter the digital world, since 1986. There, in one of the first three Digital Art companies in Brazil, I was able to start putting my initial learning into practice.

It was BRAZIL COMPUTAÇÃO GRÁFICA. Where we created many arts and graphic elements for fashion, marketing, simple networks of companies that were starting in a totally new world.

The Digital Revolution was the beginning of a whole Social Transformation.

From there, in 1989, I spent some time at GCG (Globo Computação Gráfica) and then at CGJ (Central Globo de Jornalismo) where I created illustrations and vignettes for TV. Ready! It was the new world unfolding in front of me, and the learning of information technologies and digital marketing that every day brought more and more news. SENAC - CPRTV, ProVideo Digital by BSB - Rede Globo de TV - Projac - Record Casablanca, with passages in many other content producers...



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