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With an intense load of experience in digital media graphic projects, including illustrator, digital animator, cartoon, 3D animation, graphics, projections, captures, direction, supervision, coordination and production of visual effects for cinema and TV, I was able to develop methods and techniques on how to format content and ideas, leaving maximum relevance and engagement with customers, viewers or users of digital products. Below I quote some references that can clarify more the clientele and consumer friends of chains.

Relevant Contents

1992 - 1997


SENAC's Radio and TV Production Center was a school on how to conduct projects aimed at Education and Technical Learning. A wonderful foundation for understanding EAV techniques and the use of analogue and digital media from an early age.

1996 - 2016


Another magnificent school was TV Globo, where, through editing, production and supervision, I acquired an entire expertise in the creation of cinematographic media, from script to exhibition.

2018 - 2019


Another passage with great learning, putting into practice all the experience in producing great historical and biblical events.

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